A glass of wine


The Douro has always been dominated by companies that held the central power in the commercialization of Port Wine.


The situation was accentuated in 1926 with the creation of a "unique and private warehouse for Port Wines" at Vila Nova de Gaia, which attributed the exclusivity of all exports to traders. Thus, producers were prevented from benefiting from the fruit of their labor, as they only had the option of selling their production to Gaia.


Luís Roseira, a great name for Port Wine, fought to circumvent the bureaucracy imposed by the legislation. It was in 1979 that he signed up as the first "bottler-producer", being able, at the time, to only operate in the domestic market. Then the first Vintage bottled in the Douro, Quinta do Infantado Vintage 1978, appears!


Over the years, Quinta do Infantado has been able to mobilize an increasing number of producers who didn't let their arms down. Thus was born in 1986 the Association of Bottling Producers of Port and Douro Wines, AVEPOD, obtaining, after great effort, the same rights as other commercial agents. Thus ended the exclusivity of Entreposto de Gaia.


Today, AVEPOD strives to promote the Port and Douro wines from Small Producers,  that are distinguished from commercial wines by their "distinct quality". These producers are in fact "Soul and Face of the Douro".